Your employees are the backbone of your company. Unexpected accidents or sickness can lead to financial strain, potentially causing a reduction in workplace productivity. We can help, with voluntary employee benefits like Accident, Disability, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Cancer Insurance. Coverage can help your employees protect their finances when faced with life's challenges. And best of all, they can use their benefit payments for anything they wish – there are no restrictions. Whether it's help filling in gaps in medical coverage, paying their rent or mortgage - the choice is theirs.

Advantages of Voluntary Employee Benefits


  • Premiums are employee-paid and don't affect your bottom line
  • Benefits help round out employees' compensation
  • Helps you recruit and retain top talent


  • Affordable, valuable coverage with group rates only available through you, their employer
  • Cash benefits with no restrictions as to how they are used
  • Financial support to help with rising medical costs and high deductibles

Talk to your HPB Insurance Group representative to learn which coverage options will work best for your business. 

Accident Insurance pays your covered employees and their eligible family members when they undergo treatment for a covered accidental injury. Cash benefits are paid for covered hospital stays, ambulance bills and other treatment or services. 

Disability Insurance can help when an employee is medially disabled and unable to work. Covered employees can use their payments to help with lost income, help cover medical costs or for personal expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance pays your covered employees and their eligible family members when they are diagnosed with a covered condition like heart attack, stroke, end stage renal failure and more. 

Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides benefits for hospital stays due to sickness and injury. Benefit payments can help your employees with rising medical treatment costs and more. 

Cancer Insurance pays benefits for cancer diagnoses and other specified diseases. Your employees or their covered family members can use their benefit payment to help cover the financial burden of treatment and associated costs.