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Life & Health
Getting insurance for your car should be simple. Our experienced agents can help you choose the right plan. The home insurance market can be challenging. Let us help you navigate the process whether you’re moving into a new home or changing a current policy. Nothing in life is certain except for the importance of your family’s health and wellbeing. Our experts will make sure you have just the coverage you need. Owning a business is a huge job. Let our experts in property and liability insurance and employee benefits help lighten the load.
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Industry Expertise

Having been in business for more than 100 years, many are inclined to think of HPB Insurance Group as insurance “generalists” since we insure businesses across a wide variety of industries. However, we are experienced in many business sectors that require specialized and distinct coverages. 

The industries that we are most experienced with mirror those that have put this area on the map for decades and will drive the future of business within the Triad.These include:  

Financial Services
Small Business
Social Services
Restaurant & Hospitality

But of course our expertise is not limited to these sectors. We invite you to contact us to discuss the needs of your business with us. Odds are we’ve insured and protected one very much like it over our last century of business.

Contact us today for more information.

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