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Your Best Course of Action Regarding Consent to Rate Letters

Maybe some of your in-state friends have received one. Maybe you have yourself. But what is a Consent to Rate letter, and what should you do if you get one? 

Many property insurers are seeking to recoup revenue losses from high claims in the state in recent years. As a result, they have determined that certain policies are not adequately priced based upon the suggested rates set by the North Carolina Rate Bureau. That’s why many property owners are receiving Consent to Rate letters asking for your permission to charge you rates on your homeowners insurance that are higher than what have been established by the Bureau.

Our suggestion: if the rate increase seems unreasonable to you, don’t sign this letter of consent until you have spoken with an independent insurance agent. Agents like ours at HPB Insurance Group can determine if the new carrier-requested rate is appropriate for your property and your coverage preferences. And, in many cases, we can advise you about alternatives that could lead to you obtaining adequate coverage for less.

Contact us today to ask about your best course of action.


The New

We at HPB Insurance Group are thrilled to have a new, fully re-designed website that makes it easier for our customers (and customers-to-be) to obtain quick quotes and information about our insurance offerings. Now you can receive immediate price quotes on homeowners and auto insurance, or submit information via inquiry forms that will help our agents begin to serve your needs in the areas of life, healthcare and commercial or small business insurance. Take a look today.

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